How to Convert mts Files

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How to Convert mts Files

Postby beatpill » Tue Apr 30, 2013 2:03 pm

You want to know how to convert mts files, for the first, you must know what is mts format. This format mts is a new rising high-definition video format. The Sony DV recording video is usually adopt this mts file, with its video coding usually adopting H264, audio coding using AC - 3, the video coding would be the resolution of full HD standard 1920 * 1080, or 1440 * 1080. therefore, mts files are the great outcome of HD times. This format of convert video file will often appear in Sony HD hard disk or other brands’ camera videos. However, these mts or m2ts format should be convert to other format such as mts to the files of DVD, Avi, Rmvb, Mpg, etc. to bring the convenience for us to apply this HD products into the normal files and use it everwhere we want.

This time we may ask again the question of how to convert mts files. You know the new born creatures will always be the outcome of the great needs. Under such circumstance, the mts converter would be the answer of this requirement. Actually, the converter of mts is a kind of format convert software of video codec, which is mainly used to import the new HD mts files, and convert it into Avi, Mpeg4, Mp4, Rmvb, Wmv, Dvd, Mov, 3gp, Flv, etc. files.

The advantages of this mts video converter are the wonderful tool what would convert mts of HD with large scale files into the most common or useful or available format with relative small sized scale files, to benefit the video’s popular spread and make its easy to reserve. As the large sized scale files are too hard to send out by the most available method of internet, though the HD video will be more enjoyable and high-end. After the mts convert by the converter, the smartphone, Mp4, iPod, Psp, iPhone would received your video without the limitation of format.

You can find a powerful mts converter with simplicity operation process to help your enjoy of the video. The simple operation is to add mts video to the program at first, then choose output format and define output settings, to customize the video to be perfect in the next, and finally add mts video to the program.

The great converter of mts would realize the mts convert to dozens of popular video and voice band, even would enable you to restore in computer or compact disc-record. The convert would be swift while assure the excellent quality. The multi-conversion of several files at the same time will also be realized with video preview. It support the various level of HD convert, freedom your choice. The video effect is allowed to edit, the video length and the video frame will also would be trimmed and edited. Moreover,the watermark could be added to the text or image for your DIY.

After the reading of the above words, have you make up your mind to take the action on your perfect dream of mts files convert? Please enjoy your time!

Article Source:, and you can also free download MTS Converter from this source website.
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