How to convert Blu-ray movies to Nook Tablet

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How to convert Blu-ray movies to Nook Tablet

Postby selina5856 » Thu Dec 01, 2011 6:49 am

How to convert Blu-ray movies to Nook Tablet via Foxreal Blu-ray Ripper

Nook Tablet is surely one of the most popular Android Tablets recently. According to the comparison article about capabilities of Nook Tablet, and Amazon Kindle Fire, Nook Tablet stands out to be more suitable for video paying, since it has better color performance, and longer battery life. With the extended 32GB SD card, you can store much more HD 720p, or even 1080p movies or videos for enjoying on the Nook Tablet or output from Nook Tablet to HDTV. But how could you play Blu-ray videos on Nook Tablet since it does not have a Blu-ray Drive? Follow this article and you will get the easy tips.

As you already know, movies on Blu-ray disc are with the best quality and largest size. And it cannot be played directly on Nook Tablet. So aBlu-ray converting tool which perfectly optimized the video size and quality for Nook Tablet is in need. Here’s how to convert Blu-ray videos with the best video format for Nook Tablet with Foxreal Blu-ray Ripper.


Preparation list:
1. Hardware: Windows or Mac Computer; Blu-ray Drive.
2. Download and install the Blu-ray converting tool: Foxreal Blu-ray Ripper or Foxreal Blu-ray Ripper for Mac
3. Download and install the format profile patch for Nook Tablet: Foxreal Blu-ray Ripper Profile Patch(Windows only). Install it and you can get latest format profiles including the best format for Nook Tablet. It’s right under Android category. Image
4. Blu-ray discs, Blu-ray ISO, DVD discs, DVD IFO, or DVD ISO: Transformer 3, Star Wars, I Saw the Devil, and more recent popular movies you bought from stores or rented from Netflix or Redbox.

Easy steps for transferring Blu-ray videos to Nook Tablet
1. Rip Blu-ray discs in Foxreal Blu-ray Ripper for Nook Tablet.
Launch the Foxreal Blu-ray video converter for Nook Tablet and insert your Blu-ray disc to the Blu-ray Drive. Clicking the Blu-ray disc button on program main interface, you can load the Blu-ray to the program. The main title will be automatically checked in the list. If not, you can check the longest one, and uncheck the others.

Note: This program is also available to convert Blu-ray ISO/ M2TS/ DVD disc/ DVD ISO/ DVD IFO to Nook Tablet.
Following the tips on the following picture, you can finish the process in just a few clicks.


2. Tips regarding converting Blu-ray/DVD movies for Nook Tablet.
i) In Format box, the Nook Tablet format is right under Android category. And it only shows after you installed the profile patch (Windows only).


If you are using a Mac computer, it’s highly recommended you to choose H.264 Video (*.mp4) under Common Video category, and click settings to set parameters as shown in the following picture. To get normal quality with faster conversion speed, you can choose 854*480 in Size box and lower bitrate. For full screen, you can type in 1024*600. You can also type in 1280*720 and higher bitrate for better HD quality. If you type in 1920*1080, you can only play the video on HDTV from Nook Table. The higher bitrate, the bigger output file size, and the better video quality you will get.


ii) Selecting the Main Title on list and clicking the Edit button on main interface, you can go to the following window. And here you can edit the video like trimming off unwanted period of the movie, cropping off black bars, adding image or video watermarks, adjusting effects, replacing audio, enlarging volume etc. The most useful feature here for you will be in Trim tab where you can trim off the advertisements in front of the movie and the character casts at the end of the movie which can help you shrink the output video size. In this case, you can save storage space for your Nook Tablet.


iii) After you finish all settings for the Blu-ray video and click the Convert button, you will go to Conversion window. And there you can find video output information and estimated conversion speed. For Blu-ray conversion for Nook Tablet, it will take some time. You can check Shut down computer after conversion, and leave it converting there. The program will shut down the computer when the task finishes.


After the conversion, you can go back to the main interface by clicking Completed button on Conversion window. And click Open button, you can find the output folder with the converted files.

3. Transfer video to Nook Tablet and enjoy playing the Blu-ray 720p/ full screen videos on Nook Tablet.
Insert the SD card to your computer or Mac, and copy & past the converted blu-ray video to the SD card. Put it back to Nook Tablet, and then you canplay the Blu-ray videos on your Nook Tablet.

You can also use USB cable to transfer movies to your Nook Tablet directly.
Now just start ripping your favorite Blu-ray ISO/ Blu-ray M2TS/ DVD disc/ DVD ISO/ DVD IFO movies for playing on your Nook Tablet with the easy steps, and enjoy them on your trip!

More tips:
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