How to Burn Videos onto DVD on Windows or Mac

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How to Burn Videos onto DVD on Windows or Mac

Postby Gamewurm » Thu May 09, 2013 9:19 am

Since I know little about computer, I hope you can tell me in a specific way to burn wmv videos to a DVD. Can you tell me the way to make my things work? I don’t know my computer’s settings and programs. I only know my computer is Toshiba brand and it has Window Vista, even not know its version or anything else. Up until now, I’ve done nothing to update it since I have no idea about how to do it.

According to the new copyright law of Canada updated in June 2012, you are breaking the law for copying DRM’s material or your already owned DVD's and Blu-rays’. In order to play my WMV movies which were bought since 2000 through my TV, I copy them to a disk so that I can throw away those videos and save space. But now, what I have done before becomes illegal and I’m not allowed to copy them into my hard drive any more. Can you tell me other legal ways? How about installing a blu-ray into the DVD recorder and burn WMV to DVD disc, and then reading the copied one to my laptop?

The school project asked us to make a film and we did, the film is WMV format. Now, I have to get its copy. It requires me to put a dvd in without turning back. In order not to get my dvd become blank, I’d like to rip the film into my laptop. I try to transfer video tapes into DVD format. Video tapes are in low scale and dvd’s 2-hour bitrate is not in my need. I need to solve the problem that how to make an inconspicuous DVD with the minimum bitrare?

If I want to do a 4 gig disc, how much time will it take? Since I’d like to transfer some of my large HD MTS files to DVD with high quality and fewer discs, PC’s DVD shrink will help, but I’d like to know other better settings which will do it also.

Do you know the way to transfer MTS to DVDfrom the original sanyo Xacti camcorder? I have copied them and put them into my laptop, however, it didn’t work when they were burnt to a DVD and they couldn’t be played in it. Then I tried CVS while still nothing succeeded. Can you tell the correct format to use, I need to put these MTS files onto disc?

There are times when I do DVD by myself, but usually I don’t tell others how to do it. A MTS and an MOV format movie is in my hand now and I’d like to burn them into dvd. But I don’t know how. Nero was once used, but it is complicated. So I want to find out the best setting which is suitable for my computer, only in this way can the operation be simple and easy.

By using Dazzle with pinnacle studio 14, do you know any MOV to DVD converter to burn MOV video files to a blank dvd straightly? Is there any problem during the process? Do you know how to place the dvd recorder? I know how to make my MOV movies to my computer, but I need is to burn it straightly to blank dvd by setting a burner in my computer and choosing a new format. Can it be successfully done?

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