How to Add MOV to iTunes to Play MOV in iTunes/iPod/iPad?

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How to Add MOV to iTunes to Play MOV in iTunes/iPod/iPad?

Postby igrowingbaby » Wed Sep 05, 2012 10:37 am

Though iTunes announced to support MOV video file, we often meet difficulty in adding MOV to iTunes or in syncing MOV files from iTunes to iPod, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV.

The following article just aims to solve how to successfully import iTunes unsupported MOV to iTunes so as to play MOV in iTunes or sync MOV to iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV at

It solves all the following symptoms and situation:

Unable to import MOV video recorded from Nikon Coolpix 3200/L110/S8100 or from Nikon D5100 or D7000 and etc to iTunes.
Failed to add Canon Vixia HV40 MOV to iTunes or add Kodak EasyShare Camera MOV to iTunes.
I wanted to add the iMovie exported MOV into iTunes and then sync to my iPad. However, iTunes will not import any of the .mov files made with the iMovie import.
I have a couple of .MOV video files which I would like to import into iTunes so I can play it on my iPhone 4, but when I add the MOV video files it doesn't appear in my iTunes library.
I downloaded a podcast in iTunes with a .mov extension. Both video and audio are fine when watching it in iTunes. After converting it for my iPod in iTunes the video-image is still fine however the audio is distorted.
When I tried to sync MOV video to my iPod Nano by via of iTunes, it said that the iPod couldn't play it. So I right-clicked on the video in iTunes and pressed 'convert for iPod/iPhone'. When it had done converting [took about half an hour], I put the video on my iPod and there was no audio.
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