Google Babble The Google chat, Google will launch polymeriza

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Google Babble The Google chat, Google will launch polymeriza

Postby jezpolew » Wed Apr 10, 2013 2:11 pm

According to reports in the science and technology web site, Google is integrating its chat application, to build polymerized chat software Google Babble. Google Babble on, will come on Google I/O developers conference as early as May 14 of this year.

Google Babble will integrate Google's IM(instant massaging software) Google Talk, Internet voice service of Google Voice, and Google + social network instant messaging services of the Messenger and chat services of Hangouts, etc. Currently, the relationship between these pieces of chat softwares are not so close.

Through Google Babble, people can even make Gmail as chat software to use. When the user login Google Babble on the desktop PC, Android phones and Chromebook (the laptop that running Google Chrome OS operating system), it can log in to your Gmail account at the same time.
There are rumours that, Google Babble will be able to use in most of the mobile terminal, even chat with desktop browser. By contrast, the BlackBerry comes with the stock App chat software BBM (BlackBerry Messenger), thereby keeping part of loyal users; Apple has chat software of Messages, which can achieve the chat session on mobile and desktop.
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