{{Finley5.2Glee}} Glee Season 5 Episode 2 Watch Online In HD

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{{Finley5.2Glee}} Glee Season 5 Episode 2 Watch Online In HD

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Glee Season 5 Episode 2 made to us and the fans of the show,” a source exclusively told ”As much as it will be [part of the Glee season], it also feels like a stand-alone episode.” Harry Shum Jr., who portrays Mike Chang on the show, told HollywoodLife.com that the way the episode was written was incredibly beautiful.


“I think the writers put a beautiful script together to pay tribute and also have the essence of what Glee really is,” Harry said. “Not taking away what Glee was or is — I think that’s the most beautiful thing that they were able to put together, able to pay tribute while also keeping the aspect of what Glee is and what made it so special.”

Are you happy about “Seasons of Love” being the song dedicated to Cory?

What is Rachel Berry up to on season five of ‘Glee’? We’ve got the first glance of her new adventure in New York, plus a ton more pics of the cast taking on The Beatles.

While McKinley High is focusing on prom during Glee‘s season five kickoff, Rachel Lea Michele has her sights on her new goals in New York City.

‘Glee’ Scoop: Rachel’s New Job In NY

As we previously told you, we know that Rachel is making some changes in New York. The episode description revealed that Rachel “adjusts to a new attitude of her own,” before saying that she will be taking on the role of waitress alongside Santana Naya Rivera.

The first picture of Rachel as a waitress, takes place during episode two, “Tina in the Sky with Diamonds.” She’s leaning over the counter in an adorable red and white diner-girl outfit — the same one Santana is wearing with Dani Demi Lovato.

We know she’s “trying to make ends meet” — but she never seemed to have money problems before. Is she dropping out of school to join “Funny Girl?”
Naya Rivera Prepped Demi Lovato To Do Love Scenes

Meanwhile, Naya opened up to Access Hollywood on how she helped Demi prep to play the role of her love interest — who will work at the restaurant with the girls.

“I made out with her like in my trailer before we shot the scene,” she told Access laughing. ”So then I just like warmed her up. You know what I’m saying.”

Well, well — that sounds like a scene that should have been in the show!
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