Finding Your Way Out Of Golf Sand Traps

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Finding Your Way Out Of Golf Sand Traps

Postby breenda » Sat Jun 22, 2013 4:51 am

The best golf swing advice I have ever been given was to stick to the fundamentals. This not only applies to the full swing tee shots and iron shots but also to all other various shots you have to play during a round of golf. Every type of shot that you will encounter has a basic fundamental way to approach it and than it may have variations from that, but you must begin with the fundamentals.

The sand trap is the nemesis of the golfer. Sand traps are also referred to as bunkers. There's more than one way to get out of the sand, and knowing a few different ways are important because no matter good you are, it's inevitable that you will find yourself stuck in the bunker with discount golf clubs. Often who wins or loses depends on the skill of the person working their way through the bunker. Here are quick tips to turn you into an expert sand trap player.

The one that scares golfers the most is the golf sand trap. The golfer looks out at the fairway and sees enough sand to cover a desert, or at least it seems that way. That is why they are called a hazard. Sand traps and other trouble spots are put on a golf course to work on your mind. Upon seeing all these trouble spots, the first thought is, how to avoid them. This places them more into the mind and the hazard becomes a target with Callaway golf clubs, whether we realize it or not. By trying so hard to avoid trouble the golfer unknowingly uses them as a magnet. Why do you suppose it is so hard for some golfers to hit over water? If the water hazard was just grass, the golfer would think nothing of it. But because the fear of hitting your golf ball into the water arises, that is where you hit it.

Hitting the correct impact point is absolutely essential whenever you're playing from the sand. An excellent way to approach this shot is to visualize your ball sitting on a tee. By focusing on hitting the tee you'll chip the ball out of the bunker and find yourself exactly where you need to be.

You are going to open your stance so you want to aim left of your target. There is no exact science and the contour of the green will have some to do with how far left you will aim. The open stance and aiming left of your target will help promote a steep takeaway and downward impact that is necessary for most bunker shots with i20 irons for sale.

As with all techniques you will need to practice. Instead of avoiding the bunker, take time to place your ball in the bunker and practice these tips. Always keep in mind the etiquette of the course. Step aside and encourage other players to play through so you don't hold them up.
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