Fast way to write and read buffered data from AudioRecord

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Fast way to write and read buffered data from AudioRecord

Postby » Mon Jan 03, 2011 11:44 pm

I have a working implementation of the AudioRecrod class. I however I need the samples only in a buffered form so I don't want to save them on the phone hard memory, but keep them in a buffered way. Write now I am saving the files using an ArrayList of type <Short> like that:

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  1. for (int idxBuffer = 0; idxBuffer < bufferRead; ++idxBuffer) {
  2.         buffer.add(tempBuffer[idxBuffer]);                             
  3. }
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However you can tell that ArrayList is not an effective way to do this, and also the values are saved as Short not short. I was thinking about using some of the stream buffers but they mostly only work with byte[] arrays not short[]. yes I can convert the short to byte but that again takes some more time...

What would be the fastest way to do it? Every source I googled seems to be using the 'save to file' approach which definitely can't be the fastest way. What would you suggest?
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