Epson t0711 and t0715 compatible ink cartridges

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Epson t0711 and t0715 compatible ink cartridges

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Epson t0715 and t0711 compatible cartridges

Suitable for printers: Epson Stylus D78/D92/DX7000F/DX5000/DX4050/4000/4400/4450/DX5050/DX6000 Epson Stylus DX6050/DX7400/DX7450/DX8400/DX8450/DX9400/DX9400F
Epson Stylus S20/S21
Epson Stylus SX100/SX110/SX200/SX209/SX210/SX400/SX510W Epson Stylus SX410/SX610FW/SX600FW/SX205/SX215/SX105/SX405
Epson Stylus BX310FN/BX300F/BX3450F/BX600FW/BX610FW/B40W

Compatible Epson T0715 Ink Cartridges normally is produced by some third parties, not original manufacturer. But the products can work well in the same way as OEM cartridges. Meanwhile, the price is much lower than the OEM ones.

Will compatible cartridges damage my printer?

Don't worry, the manufacturer already made strict compatibility testing for us and the ink of the Epson t0711 Ink Cartridges is made in USA. As long as following the compatible printer list we provide, there should be no problem.

Epson printer maintenance Sourcebook

The ink machine lights flashing approach

Hold the ink button and paper feed button on the control panel then power 3 seconds after boot, hand feed button immediately release the pressing for about 10 seconds, then the ink key hand after three lights flash again, then hands off, so that we can ROM Qing, the motherboard on OK. The role of this operation is to clear the waste ink counter. In addition, the adjustment procedure can also achieve this purpose. If two years ago to encounter this three lights flash failure all change the motherboard, to the later to further repair the motherboard, now just few clicks OK in the Control Panel This shows that repair printers have the experience and patience to troubleshoot. The print head cable disconnection fault of the print head cables are generally plastic flexible ribbon cable. This cable during use, easy to produce crease, a socket end of the cable is inserted in the print head, in the crease at the fracture occurs with the increase in print head mating cycles (Repair when the print head is split below);

Another is as the printing time increases, the intermediate portion of the print cable easily during the move of the word car is worn or creased. The cable insulation layer is worn away, would print the the needle drive signal with the printer rack short circuit, lead the printer master circuit failure; print cable crease at the fracture will open print pin drive signal, causing the corresponding print needle the no pin print, resulting in less printable characters / kanji shortcomings program.
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