Enable Flash SWF Files to be Opened with Mac Applications

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Enable Flash SWF Files to be Opened with Mac Applications

Postby cindyhuan » Thu Apr 18, 2013 10:03 am

I am using a screen record program called 'Jing', on my mac. The one problem I am encountering is editing video in iMovie. The clips I'm making are '.swf' (flash) files, that for some reason, I cannot seem to open in iMovie. Can I convert these to .mov files for free in some way? Or maybe I need to figure out a way to get a free program to edit my swf files?

I would like to know how it is possible to take a flash file from its flash format and convert it into a movie file like a quicktime file. For I want to playback it on my QuickTime player. Help please?

For most Mac users, it is very painful when it comes to importing flash SWF videos since Apple did not and still will not cooperate with Adobe and thus there will be not an Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Flash plugin either for all the Mac devices and applications like the iPhone, iPad, iMac, iMovie, iTunes, QuickTime and more.

How can we fix that problem? The simplest way is to convert the flash SWF to Mac accepted formats by using Doremisoft SWF Video Converter for Mac (or SWF Video Converter for Windows if necessary).

Doremisoft Mac SWF Converter can help Mac users handle most difficult SWF conversion problems like converting SWF to iMovie on Mac, converting SWF to Keynote and more.

Of course, you can easily play flash SWF on QuickTime after the conversion like SWF to MOV. If you want to add the SWF video to your iTunes library, you should convert SWF to M4V on Mac.

OK, now I will give you a simple guide on the conversion:

Step 1: Import SWF files to the SWF Video Converter by clicking "Select File"

Step 2: Set or customize output format in the in the "Profile" menu.

Step 3: After the settings, click "Next" and press "Start Conversion" to launch the conversion.
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