Echo heard during audio loopback

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Echo heard during audio loopback

Postby vishalgaonkar » Thu Dec 24, 2009 12:53 pm


I have a Java application where in I am recording Audio in PCM format at 8KHz sampling rate using AudioRecord class and sending over the network. Similarly I am receiving PCM samples through the network and playing them into the speakers in PCM formats using AudioTrack class simultaneously.

While playing samples into the speaker along with the played audio, I am also hearing the echo of my own recorded voice.

I also tried the loopback mechanism where in I am recording the voice frame by frame through mic and then immediately playing them into the speaker frame by frame. Also clearing the buffer once played. Even in this case I am hearing echo of my own voice.

I am using the "Headset" mic and speaker to record and play.

Has anybody faced the similiar issue? Any solution for this issue?

On the net I have read, some people reporting the similar issue but at the receiver side(Callee) in a voice call.

Thanks in Advance,
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