Easy Way to Solve "GarageBand Won't Import MP3" Problem

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Easy Way to Solve "GarageBand Won't Import MP3" Problem

Postby happygirlbaby » Tue Nov 20, 2012 9:36 am

Though GarageBand 11 announced to import MP3 audio file, sometimes we still encounter difficulty in importing MP3 to GarageBand in various situation:

Situation 1
When I tried to drag and drop my MP3 files to GarageBand, the window came up that said importing... etc., but then the little box disappeared and nothing happened.
Situation 2
I tried to import a MP3 into GarageBand, but GB hasn't recognized it. In My Songs menu, copy from iTunes says that there's no song available for the copy.
Situation 3
When drag spoken word MP3 into the track or space of GarageBand, I see an 'importing' message for an instant, but nothing appears in the audio track and no new track is created.
Situation 4
I can't drag MP3 audio files into GarageBand whatever from iTunes, from Finder, from the Desktop...
Situation 5
I recorded a very small piece of sound in MP3 format and try to import it to GarageBand for editing. However, GarageBand refuse to add MP3 audio and says 'xxx.mp3' could not be handled because GarageBand cannot open files in the 'MP3 audio' format.

The following will introduce the reason why can't Import MP3 into GarageBand and solution on how to successfully import MP3 to GarageBand at http://www.bigasoft.com/articles/mp3-to-garageband.html
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