Easily Rip and Stream Blu-ray Movies to Samsung Galaxy Note

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Easily Rip and Stream Blu-ray Movies to Samsung Galaxy Note

Postby jessicagates » Mon Aug 19, 2013 9:04 am

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 LTE is brimming with great ideas, the all-new Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 LTE combines functionality, creativity and portability to offer an amazing cross-media experience. It carries an 8-inch WXGA display with resolution of 1280x800. The memory supported could up to 64GB and the 4600mAh battery makes it a great device for watching movies in your spare time. Here we'll talk about how to simply rip and stream Blu-ray Movies to Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 LTE.

What you need:
1. Blu-ray to Galaxy Note Ripper – Aunsoft Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate.

This money saving package tool is a combination of Blu-ray ripper, DVD ripper and video converter. You can rip and convert Blu-ray, DVD, HD videos with the software. Aunsoft is now in back to school big sale, you can get the all-in-one tool with 15% off which is the lowest for the product.


2. Blu-ray drive.

3. Blu-ray Disc you want to convert.

Rip Blu-ray to Galaxy Note step 1: Launch Aunsoft Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate as Blu-ray to Android ripper.

Click the icon in left top corner to load in source Blu-ray movie. You can load from Blu-ray disc or ISO/IFO files from your hard drive. Choose the title, subtitle and audio track you want to keep. Usually the main title is the longest one.

Rip Blu-ray to Galaxy Note step 2: Choose output format.

Choose "Samsung" then "Samsung Galaxy Note (*.mp4)" as the output format.


Click "setting" to do some adjustment to the video and audio. You can set the size at 1280x800 according to the screen resolution.


Rip Blu-ray to Galaxy Note step 3: Rip and convert Blu-ray to H.264 mp4.

Choose output route for the converted movie and click "Start Conversion" When the process was complete, you have finished convert Blu-ray to H.264 mp4 for watching on Galaxy Note. Last, stream the mp4 movies to your Galaxy Note 8.0 LTE via USB.

The discount of back to school big sale is up to 50% in order to express thanks to users' support, click to learn more if you are interested. You will get the best products with the lowest price.
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