Dustin injuries young back injury lead to withdrawal of thre

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Dustin injuries young back injury lead to withdrawal of thre

Postby gall » Fri May 17, 2013 4:48 am

Although regarded as the most excellent athletes on the pga tour, the golfer dustin Johnson continued health problems. He has been out of the third straight game.
This year after the season opener modern car championship title, dustin Johnson at the beginning of the season three consecutive broke intohttp://www.golfironsonsale.com the top 15, mizuno jpx 800 forged ironsincluding Houston open tiemizuno mp 53 ironsd for fourth. The injury began to panic the valley. He has become one of the few emizuno mp 58 ironsxit from Wells Fargo tournament players. He said at the time his sore left wrist.
Dustin Johnsonmizuno mp 59 irons will look back on the last week of the players championship. On Thursday, he played 74, higher than 2 pars, when he started the second round before he announced the withdrawal once again, this time he said he's waist.
Dustin Johnson plans to attend this week's baron Nielsen championship, but on Tuesday he is removed from the official list. He gave no reason. Later that day, he sent out the below information on twitter, suggested that led to his waist in sawtooth TPC out of the race problem still let him worry about it.
"I work hard, but I still have inflammation of the articular surface. Take a rest, then accept my physical therapist daimizuno mp 64 ironsly treatment, I should be okay." Dustin Johnson wrote on twitter.
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