displaying downloaded images in sequence on Androidemulator

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displaying downloaded images in sequence on Androidemulator

Postby chiranjeevib » Mon Sep 07, 2009 8:42 am

hai ,
I am a new android learner. i need some help for my project.
presently i am doing android application for weather forecasting.
this weather forecast is not by using google.

in my application i have to send urls to server and get gif images from that and
those images should be displayed in sequence (like animation effect).

please can anybody help me in this project.
how to get images from server ?
and is there any need to store them ? if yes -- how and where can i store ?
how to display them in sequence?

please give the detailed steps , that how could i solve this.
if possible please send me the useful tutorial links or come code snippets to these tasks.

please ..... i am a new learner , urgently i have to complete my project.
please help me .....

thanking you in advance
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