Data Recovery for Acer- How to find back lost files on Acer

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Data Recovery for Acer- How to find back lost files on Acer

Postby abcmac83 » Tue Sep 11, 2012 3:09 am

I took a great number of photos by my Acer iConia Tab A500 and then deleted some of them by accident. Unfortunately, there is no "Recycle Bin" for Android. As far as I know, once you deleted items out of it, it's just like emptying the Trash when you are using a computer. Some of my friends told me that the only way to restore my deleted photos without backup is to use Data Recovery utility.

So I began searching a data recovery for my Acer iConia Tab A500 through the Internet. It seems that Android Data Recovery can help me of the jams but I'm not really sure. I downloaded a free trial version to have a try. Fantastic product! It found out all my deleted photos in a few minutes. Moreover, it also found out other deleted videos, songs, documents and more. I'm so appreciated of it.


Things to note after important files lost:

If the lost files are stored on the SD card, you’d better to take it off your Acer tablet immediately. In fact, the files lost from your Acer Android devices by accidentally delete, format SD card, reset factory data, virus infection and more are still on the SD card but invisible. In case your deleted files are overwritten, stop using the SD card any more. Once overwritten, it is impossible to recover. So use a data recovery utility as soon as possible if you want to get them back.

Supported Acer Android Devices:

Data Recovery for Android supports most Acer Android phones and tablets like Acer Liquid Express, beTouch E210, liquidmini, beTouch E140, Liquid Metal, beTouch E130, Liquid E (Ferrari Special Edition), Stream, etc. If you want to recover the lost files from your Acer Android device, this program is pretty good for you.

[Data Recovery for Android] One Click Recovers Lost Files from your Android device - YouTube
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