Converting AVI/MP4/M4V/MPG Videos for Editing in iMovie/FCP

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Converting AVI/MP4/M4V/MPG Videos for Editing in iMovie/FCP

Postby ersxaer » Fri Sep 07, 2012 2:08 am

How do I convert iMovie project to .AVI?
I have searched and tried several different programs. I need a free converter that will convert imovie files to .avi format I want to be able to post my videos on Facebook. Someone please help.. it's driving me crazy...!

How can I edit and import AVI to Final Cut Pro 5.1.4?
Can't seem to get them to open in Quicktime or FCP. They do however open in my VLC player. Main thing is getting them to open in FCP as I need to edit them ASAP. Is there any sort of codec I need? Is there a free solution? Thanks!

Is there any way to convert MPG to iMovie compatible format?
What do i have to convert mpg to, to put it in imovie, and how? How do I convert MPG files to an iMovie format? The videos imported from my camera are in MPG format. I tried to import them into iMovie, however iMovie would not allow me to do so because they were not the right format. Is there any way to convert MPG's to a format compatible with iMovie?


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