Convert Panasonic AG-DVX100B DV AVI to QuickTime MOV

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Convert Panasonic AG-DVX100B DV AVI to QuickTime MOV

Postby vivian68 » Wed Apr 10, 2013 8:49 am

Convert Panasonic AG-DVX100B DV AVI to QuickTime MOV for playback

The Panasonic AG-DVX100B may well be the last and best semipro DV camcorder that approach obsolescence of high-end standard-definition (SD) video cameras. In essence, the AG-DVX100 series combines a Handycam-like form factor with the full complement of external professional controls and connections usually found only on bigger, shoulder-mounted cameras. In many respects, the AG-DVX100B offers the best of both worlds: the light weight and easy handling of a home-video camera and the sophisticated controls of a pro rig. When it comes to cinematic imagery, the AG-DVX100B offers the best available value in a standard-definition (480p) camera. In this reviewer's opinion, the 24p mode can produce video--and video transferred to film--rivaling that of projects originated on 16mm film.

The Mini DV shootings taken with Panasonic AG-DVX100B are of good quality with sharp image when viewing on the camera. When transferring to Mac computer, the footage comes in .AVI format that does not play in QuickTime player or iTunes.

If you'd like to play and rewind the AG-DVX100B video in QuickTime player, it's better to transcode the clips to QuickTime format with Mac HD Video Converter. For those who also want to trim out unwanted footage at the beginning and the end of the footage, Media Magician for Mac is a better choice. Follow the steps in below guide to edit (cut) and convert your AG-DVX100B DV AVI video into QuickTime format with Media Magician for Mac.

Get Ready for converting AG-DVX100B DV AVI to QuickTime MOV on Mac Lion, Snow Lion, etc

1. Connect Panasonic AG-DVX100B to Mac and back up recorded DV AVI files to hard drive.

2. Install and run the Media Magician for Mac.

Step-by-step Guide: Convert AG-DVX100B DV AVI to QuickTime video

1. Press "Load from folder" to import AG-DVX100B DV AVI video.

2. Drag and drop the MXF videos to timeline, where you organize and edit AG-DVX100B DV AVI. Media Magician for Mac offers an easy introduction to video editing with support for color adjustment, themes, easy to use effects, and simplistic timeline view.

You may find helpful instructions on frame-accurate trimming in How to Duplicate, Trim and Delete a Clip in a Movie with Smart Cutter on Mac

3. Choose "Output" on the top of main interface to switch it to output interface.

4. Choose QuickTime codec as output format. Select "Common format" group, and set "MOV" for conversion.


5. Press the plus sign (+) to add task for conversion. Select the task(s) and click on the triangle sign to start encoding AG-DVX100B DV AVI to QuickTime MOV.


After converting and merging the AG-DVX100B DV AVI to QuickTime MOV, just open up QuickTime player and browse to where you've saved the file.

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