Convert DVDs and Videos to MPEG-2 with MP2 Audio Codec

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Convert DVDs and Videos to MPEG-2 with MP2 Audio Codec

Postby kayla » Mon Aug 26, 2013 4:28 am

"We are a local cable television non-profit in Boxford, Massachusetts, USA, whose primary mission is to provide locally originated programming for the 8,000 residents of our

town. I have used your product and find that it makes converting media very easy. Now we would like to purchase another converter. Our playback system will only accept

standard definition mpg-2 files that are 768x480 and less than 10,000 bps with an mp2 audio codec. Mpeg-2 standard definition 768x480 at 6,000 bps is our standard playback

format. Anything not meeting these specifications must be converted. We often receive DVD's and high definition files in mpg-2 and mp4 formats. It would be appreciated for you

to recommend a converter for Mac which could easily convert DVDs and videos to mpeg-2 with mp2 audio codec."

From the description of our customer, we recommend Aunsoft iMedia Converter for Mac to do the work and it is the

best Mac converter for converting DVDs and videos. iMedia Converter for Mac is an all-in-one software which can be used as DVD ripper for Mac, Blu-ray ripper for Mac and

video converter for Mac. With it, you are able to easily convert DVDs and videos to mpeg-2 and other formats according to your need. To convert with Aunsoft iMedia for Mac,

here are some simple steps.

Convert DVD and video to mpeg-2 step 1, load in source file.

Launch the all-in-one tool, click the icon in the left hand top corner to load in source files. You can load DVD directly from DVD ROM or load ISO/IFO files and other videos

from your hard drive.

Convert DVD and video to mpeg-2 step 2, choose output format.

Click "Format", you will see a drop down list as below screenshot. Choose “Common Video” and then "MPEG-2 Video (*.mpg)".


Click "Settings" to set size and bitrate of the output video and audio. You can key in the size according to your requirement at 768x480 and choose the bitrate at 6000.


Convert DVD and video to mpeg-2 step 3, start conversion.

Choose the output route and click the big circle icon of "Start conversion". Aunsoft iMedia Converter for Mac utilizes all cores to speed up encoding process and is 50% faster

than before, so you do not need to wait long for converting DVD and video to mpeg-2. When the process was finished,

click "Open" to find your converted mpeg-2 videos.

News: Aunsoft is in back to school big sale, the discount is up to 50% off.
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