Burn QuickTime/iMovie/iPhoto slideshow to DVD Mac Lion

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Burn QuickTime/iMovie/iPhoto slideshow to DVD Mac Lion

Postby ersxaer » Thu Aug 30, 2012 2:18 am

how do i burn imovie to dvd?
How do i burn an imovie file to dvd that will play on a regular dvd player? I am new to Mac and have a MacBook Pro with Lion OS 10.7.3 I purchased it mainly to for work but also to make small movies of my baby to send on DVD to family interstate. I am now struggling to work out how to get the movie onto a DVD. Surely there is capability with the technology I have.

How do I burn my iPhoto Slideshow to DVD?
I have created a 100 picture slideshow in iPhoto with transitions, music and the picture order that I would like. I want to burn the exact slideshow to a DVD so it plays automatically when placed in a computer or DVD drive. I have used the share feature in iPhoto and the pictures are placed into iDVD. The problem is I lose all of my transitions and I also lose the music I had in the original slideshow in iPhoto. It's almost like I have to start from scratch when I share the slideshow to iDVD. Can anyone help me out?

how to burn quicktime .mov to DVD Mac?
Can I put a Quicktime NTSC file onto a DVD so it can play in any DVD player? It's a short I made, and I don't want any theme or menu. I just want to put the file on so it will play.
Also, if I ever do create a DVD with a menu, I will not choose one of the themes in iDVD. They are silly. Can I do it with just a blank screen?


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