Be A Hero in Earth 2037-2—CSB

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Be A Hero in Earth 2037-2—CSB

Postby vivian68 » Sun Apr 07, 2013 7:28 am

Be A Hero in Earth 2037-2—CSB

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Summary: Earth 2037-2 now allows people join CSB—Cross Server Battle, which mean you can fight against players or alliance from different servers or countries. You wonna be the hero or leader of the planet, right?


Have you ever heard of CSB?

CSB means Cross Server Battle. As the most successful SLG game, Earth 2037-2 has attracted hundreds of thousands of players from different countries. Now we'd hold CSB across all the servers, which means players now have chance to fight against players from other servers or countries. If you have such mind to be a hero in the battle, come to join us.

Here is a simple instruction about Earth 2037-2

Owning 3 races: Human Alliance, Rising Sun Kingdom and Hawk Horde, Earth 2037-2 allows players build their own city in the map. When you grow strong enough, you can attack the relics or other players for resource. Each race has its own troops. You can also join into an alliance to make friends, attack or defense together with others. Once you can conquer the administrative center, you will be the leader of the planet.

To enjoy the game first, you can download it from Google Play, and you can also get more information about Earth 2037-2. Come on, CSB is waiting for you.

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