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audioFormat for audioRecord

Postby rrr3da » Wed Nov 21, 2012 10:41 am

Hi all.
I'm currently writing a software for Android which is about to measure the reverberation time of closed rooms.
I had to choose AudioRecord instead of MediaRecorder because it gives me the chance to get the raw data..
You may know that there are many different constant to choose from for the AudioFormat (e.g.: CHANNEL_IN_MONO, CHANNEL_IN_STEREO, CHANNEL_IN_PRESSURE), and you may know that inside smartphones there are more than just one microphone embedded (usually you have 2 microphones in it, in order to have noise cancellation and stuff like that).

And here comes the questions:
1) which constant do I have to choose to be sure that only just ONE microphone is giving me the raw data?
2) is the range of the raw data between -1 and +1?

Thank you, Stefano
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