Apple iMessage has suffered from attack spam short messages

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Apple iMessage has suffered from attack spam short messages

Postby dadiuser » Thu Apr 11, 2013 12:43 pm

The news from technology site appleinsider said, recently some apple developer’s iMessage application has got the the attack, the attacker sent a lot of spam message via "Denial of Service Attack (DoS)", to lead the victim's iOS devices full filled or collapse instantly.

The attack is relative to a Twitter account of only identifiers of apple devices for sale. The movements of so far, it’s relative to six Apple development organizations, including the Apple jailbreak software and application development team of iH8sn0w.

Subsequently, the well-known iOS jailbreak hackers iH8sn0w and application developers of Grant Paul analysed the attack principle and they were taking the advantage of AppleScript on the Mac OS X platform to edit a test tool which would automatically send to information to iOS devices.

Paul said, because Apple does not restrict iMessage information’s interval of delivery time, so the attacker could easily send thousands of iMessage information in a short period of time. The Attacked iOS devices will constantly receive information. If Apple do not set limitation, the attacked devices will soonly be filled up with spam messages. Besides the quantity, if it receive a large number of spam in an instant, and the iOS device can't handle information in time, it can also cause a crash.

Once suffered from such attacks, the users could close the iMessage service, but there still has no prevent measures can help, Apple also have not came up with some solution.

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