appending video files

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appending video files

Postby JoyLakh » Sat Sep 12, 2009 3:01 pm

Dear All,

My intention is to add pause and resume functionality to my video recording app, for which on selecting pause I am releasing the recorder and on selecting resume I am starting a new recorder and writing to a new file. After selecting stop I want to add all these individual files and store as a single file in the database. Right now I am following the below code. The second file contents are getting added ( I suppose as the filesize is updated ), but while trying to play only first file contents are being played.

FileInputStream lFile = new FileInputStream(secondFile);
int lFileSize = lFile.available();
byte[] lBuffer = new byte[lFile.available()];;

FileOutputStream lOut = new FileOutputStream(firstFile,true);

Thanks and Regards.
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