[NOOB] Android Music Volume Controls

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[NOOB] Android Music Volume Controls

Postby Eggy » Mon May 23, 2011 8:13 pm

Hey everyone! I am a newbie to the whole Android programming thing and am working on my first app. Basically I just wanted to make a simple thing that you can lower/raise the volume of music playing and play/pause what ever is playing. And I have a few questions

The first being, can I simulate music being played on the android virtual machine? Can I "upload" a few mp3s onto the virtual machine to emulate the music player being used?

The second being, generally speaking how do I control the music being played by the music player? How can I change volume levels, play and pause? I have looked into Andbook but have not found anything pertaining to this exactly. Any help at all would be amazing! Thanks so much in advance!
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