Android image storing at design time and run time

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Android image storing at design time and run time

Postby ueberbill » Tue Apr 13, 2010 8:49 pm

I want to store a small set of images to allow the user to be able to change their own background but I also am writing my app to allow it to save other images that the user can add as the background if they like. I figure when the database for the app is created I'll loop through the list of files I added to the eclipse project and save them as blobs in the database, and do the same for any subsequently-added images.

My questions are these:
What folder can I store images in in the eclipse project that I can then open up to get the list of those files (in other words not hardcoding what files I'll be saving) that I can also save images to programatically from the app? Is that even possible? Or would they have to be separate folders? I can figure out the runtime stuff, but I have yet to find a folder that I can add to the project in eclipse that I can also open in code. For instance, is it possible to open the drawable folder inside the app just using a File object? Or some random folder I add myself? A code snippet would be most appreciated.

Thanks much
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