A round about way to play music though your blue tooth

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A round about way to play music though your blue tooth

Postby linkmaster_6 » Thu Apr 23, 2009 2:07 am

The other night i was board and playing aound with my g1. I know that the phone can multitask and i know that if im playing music then i get a phone call my music routes though my earpice on my speakers. So i wondered what would happen if i made a phone call then started playing music. Well music will play at the same time but all audio will be routed though your earpice. So i took this a step further and pluged in my bluetooth head set and i was able to play music while on a call though my blue tooth. This has probably been discoverd already but my question would be is it possible to fake a phone call though your phone or something along thoughs lines so we can play music over bluetooth?

*quick edit if you put the phone on call it will still play out of the ear peice :) call a 1800number that doesnt cost then play music haha*
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