Just want a context-rich location name from API

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Just want a context-rich location name from API

Postby figo77ll » Fri Nov 13, 2009 7:38 pm


I'v read through post on this sub-forum but seems no exact theme of what I need:

I would like to have a context-rich location name from Android/Google API, possibly only from 3G network (not using GPS for battery reason, accuracy is not that demanding). I know probably I should use the criteria class in Android.

But am not sure if there's a API to directly retrieve the location, or maybe I should go through the process of
1. Location Provider selection via Criteria.
2. Register with provider and set time period.
3. Get lat/long from provider.
4. Get location name based on lat/long

This is what I could imagine after reading the tutorial. But I can't find concrete tutorial say on Step 1 or Step 4.
In the basic tutorial, the lat/long is fixed manually.

Ultimately, what I need is a location name like "Current location is City Park" or "Current location is Miami Beach".

That is to say, it is the "Park" and "Beach" that interests me!!

Thanks for reading :wink:
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