Google Maps draw a path

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Google Maps draw a path

Postby loteodor » Mon Jun 01, 2009 6:48 pm

Hi! I'm a new Android user, so I'm not so prepared. I'm trying to create a program with android that should show a path, and it should recover that path through the Gps receiver of the phone, but I'm not able to draw a path from a start point to a end point. Which java class I've to use??This is the first question. The second question concerns about draw a path on the map using the google maps library. Namely the path(a set of coordinates that I've saved in some way) shouldn't be a simple rect from a start point to a end point ,but it should follow the street on the map, like what happens when in google maps I ask a path from A to B and on the map is showed the path by car(or by walk).
So in this case which class I've to use for saving and draw the path on the map??
Please answer and if you have some code to explain it might be better!!thanks a lot to everyone!!!

n.B: sorry for my bad english!!:(
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