Cheap Android Tablet PC Review

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Cheap Android Tablet PC Review

Postby spuochin » Wed Dec 12, 2012 7:51 am

I review all types of tablet pc, even cheap ones, some websites don't bother, but I think they should never be ruled out of your decision. Well, yes, but my point here is that some cheap table pcs can be very good, as well as very good value.

Top1: Yuandao N101 II ($199.99)
The 10.1’’ HD 1280x800 2nd generation IPS display is simply awesome. The wide aspect ratio is great for gaming and movie watching. The RK3066 Dual Core CPU/Quad-Core GPU chipset offers performance that is easily on par with and often exceeds that of the much reputed Nvidia Tegra 3 platform, the RK3066 easily tears through high-end games as well as blazing through daily tasks like application installs, email, and web browsing. You may also interested in: Yuandao N70HD

Top2: Freelander PD10 ($155.52)
Freelander PD100 is the fastest 7inch tablet PC. It comes with a HDMI port, supports HD (1080p) videos, have nice sound output quality, and an impressive multi-touch display. PD10 also has one camera located at front, which presents clear images when capturing pictures or during video chat. The battery backup is okay, that gives 5 hours backup when playing games and 5.5 hours backup when using Wifi to connect to Internet.

Top3: Allwinner A13 ($56.49)
The 7 inch tablet PC with the All Winner A13 1.2 GHz processor, 512 MB of DDR3 RAM and 4GB of internal storage is considered small but mighty for the price. For one, the tablet PC’s processor makes this tablet PC a good device for gaming and watching movies. The speed and overall performance of the processor helps the smooth running of the operating system with Android 4.0.

Top4: Cube U30GT ($124.62)
Cube U30GT with 10.1 inch IPS screen looks classy and has the latest specs to rival the current top tablets. The overall performance of the tablet is really faster and the sound and video quality as part of the tablet is also incomparably good. With 1.6GHz dual core Rockchip RK3066 ARM cortex-A9 processor, having fun is easy.

Top5: Cube U9GT3 Cherry ($143.49)
U9GT3 is a rather wordy successor to the popular U9GT and U9GT2, it is Cube’s sixth dual core android tablet after U30GT(Pea), U20GT(Wall-nut), U30mini, U19GT(Sunflower), U23GT(Snow Pea), U9GT4, and is named “Cherry” after the explosive role in the famous PopCap Game “Plants vs Zombies”. Unlike most android tablets which use WSVGA or WXGA displays, Cherry has a very different 8 inch XGA IPS display that is very nice for web-browsing and E-book reading.
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