An Easy Way to Get Album Artwork for iTunes Music Library

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An Easy Way to Get Album Artwork for iTunes Music Library

Postby sambbosh » Wed Jul 03, 2013 7:12 am

Being a common media player, iTunes also allow people to store songs. However, the music files in iTunes library might not include corresponding album artwork.

To get album artwork, you could use album artwork finder to customize the artwork. Tunes Cleaner for Mac is such kind of program to help you get album artwork for songs in iTunes music library and other music players. The below guide tells you how to get album artwork in simple clicks.

Watch This Video:

As a professional Mac iTunes cleaner program, Tunes Cleaner for Mac could do more than just getting album cover for you. It could delete duplicate songs, complete music tags like artist, album cover, song name, etc.

Tunes Cleaner for Mac

* Clean up iTunes music library and external music library
* Get music tags for iTunes and external music library
* Delete duplicates in music library intelligently
* Get album artwork for music files through powerful online base
* Allow manual fixing of some unfixed music files
* Apply fixed music information to iTunes in one click

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