why so serious? i mean, slow

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why so serious? i mean, slow

Postby spargonaut » Fri Apr 30, 2010 2:26 pm

so, I created a little map app that finds the users location and animates the map to it ( big thanks to kekomal for helping me get the bug ironed out ).

I've been testing this on my recently acquired G1 ( not sure of the handset model number but the debugger say says the API version is 1.6 ).

I notice that with my application, sometimes its rather slow to determine the users ( my ) location.
additionally, I've noticed numerous times when using google maps that it can't find my location, which, i find to be really weird and annoying.

does anyone know why this is happening?
I'm not really concerned with why google maps is doing it, i only mentioned it b/c i thought the two problems might somehow be related.

is there anything I can look into to maybe get a better response time?

right now the app is pretty basic in the sense that _all_ it does is throw a map on the screen and mark the users location.

thanks for any insight.
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