Tablet PC Software Guide

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Tablet PC Software Guide

Postby spuochin » Thu Nov 29, 2012 9:21 am

Tablets are popular because they are very easy for portable and not hard to use. Many tablet software's interface are designed for the use of touch screen, which is different from a traditional PC operating system that depends on a keyboard and mouse. The software for your tablet (cheap tablet pc) should be a key factor in deciding which tablet you may want to buy.

Operating Systems (Zenithink ZTPad C93)
There are currently four major operating systems that are either available now for tablet PCs. Each of them has their own strength and weaknesses. Below, I will touch on each of them and why you may want to choose or avoid them.

Apple iOS - The operating system is not very different between the iPad and the company's phone. This has the advantage of making it one of the easiest of the tablets to pick up and use. Apple has done a superb job of creating a minimalist interface that is quick and easy to use. The downside is that you are locked into Apple's limited functionality. Eken A90

Google Android - Google's operating system is probably the most complex of the options currently available. The company released the new unified 4.0 version that should work between the two very different platforms. The greatest advantage that Android has is its openness. The downside is that the openness leads to security issues and interfaces that are not as standardized as some of the other operating systems. Onda Vi30

BlackBerry Tablet OS - They may have been late to the tablet market but they took an existing QNX based operating system to build their tablet specific operating system. It offers a very quick and streamlined experience and some superb video processing ability. One new feature even allows for cross compatibility with some Android 3 applications. The downside is that in their rush to get it to market, some key applications including mail and calender were noticeably absent at release but have been added in with the 2.0 release.

Microsoft Windows 8 - One of the key features of this operating system is that it will be the same between a traditional desktop computer and a tablet system. It has been demonstated on several tablets at developer conferences and they have even made available developer builds. The ARM version of the OS will have more restrictions on it which may limit the functionality for many buyers.

Application stores are the primary means that consumers will be acquiring and even installing software onto their tablet PCs. This is something that should be considered before buying a tablet as the experience and software available to each has very specific implications to the tablet PC. In most cases, the application store for the device will be operated by the company that developed the operating system for the tablet. There are a couple of exceptions to this.

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