Project Feasibility (quick question)

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Project Feasibility (quick question)

Postby SC Web Developer » Thu Aug 26, 2010 12:15 am

Hi guys - I'll keep this brief.

I have a standard CPSC background, know java quite well, but have been working exclusively with php/mysql/python professionally. A client has approached me for an android specific app that will do the following:

Signup directly through the app (validate with my server)
login through the app (same)
User Profile Screen
Send GPS information to a server

That is phase 1 of this project to get it off the ground. The client is on a very limited budget and I'm wondering how cheaply this can be accomplished. I am a complete Android SDK newbie. How many man hours can I expect a simple project like this to take? I'm going to assume an overhead of at least 4-6 hours just to familiarize myself with a few tutorials.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Once I learn more about the platform I'd be happy to assist newbies myself. Thanks in advance.
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Re: Project Feasibility (quick question)

Postby jonbonazza » Thu Aug 26, 2010 6:04 pm

There is not really a clear-cut answer to this question, especially with the info you provided. To most people, this app could take a while. You do say, however that you work with PHP/MySQL professionally, so I am assuming you are quite proficient at it. This will aid you greatly as PHP/MySQL will act as your gateway to the server. However, you also say that you are new to the android SDK. Although it uses the Java language, there are a few differences that can be quite a pain to people new to the SDK. All in all, if you are good with PHP/MySQL/Java, it should mostly just be a matter of experimenting with the SDK and *shouldn't* take too, too much time. Working on it 8 hours a day, you could probably push it out in a week or so depending on what kind of problems you come across.
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