Problem with map points on either side of longitude 180

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Problem with map points on either side of longitude 180

Postby Char » Thu Apr 03, 2008 6:32 am

If I create a MapView with the map centered to the middle of the
Pacific ocean (east of longitude 180).
The latitude and longitude spans are set so both Japan and California
are visible in the map.

I have 2 overlay location points, one in Japan and another in

Initially the California location point is visible but Japan location
point IS NOT visible.

If the map is panned so the map midpoint is on the west side of
longitude 180,
then the Japan location point is visible but the California location
point IS NOT visible.

There is a method in the REGULAR Google Maps API to set the initial
midpoint state of the map:
setCenter(...) per documentation 'must be called first after
construction to set the initial state of the map'.

I cannot find anything like this in android MapView or MapController

The documentation for centerMapTo method of MapController is:

public void centerMapTo(Point point, boolean updateSelection)
Move the map to the given point.
updateSelection Whether the "current selection" should be updated
because of this move. Currently this is ignored.

Is the updateSelection argument pertinent to this problem?

Any suggestions or comments will be appreciated.
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