Ping G15 irons Compare Ping K15 Irons

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Ping G15 irons Compare Ping K15 Irons

Postby Angelbabysister » Thu Jun 20, 2013 4:02 am

Ping says the technology of the cheapest ping g15 irons delivers a forgiving, high launch ball flight thanks to the cast stainless steel iron's cavity design, a new tuning port and wider sole. The clubs are available from 3-9 iron, with four wedge options and four flexes in steel and graphite.

The feel is unbelievably solid and the club really does power through the turf. The stronger lofts do contribute significantly to the excellent distances the clubs deliver, but having worked hard on the centre of gravity location, the high ball flight remains unchanged.

It's in its forgiveness that the G15 really earns its corn. You can hit one out of the toe or the heel or slightly fat and the consequences are not particularly dire. Yes there is some loss of distance, cheap mizuno MX 300 irons but the MOI is so high that wild shots left and right are greatly reduced. Cracking irons for the aspiring high-handicapper. They make the game easier.

As mentioned in another thread I'm trying to shift my G15 irons to fund the purchase of some shiny new Mizuno MX300s.They're just under a year old (I'm an equipment junkie; wait a year and the Mizzies will probably be on here!).

The titanium face and steel body of the cheapest ping k15 irons create a higher MOI for greater accuracy and consistent distance results across the club face. The wide-soled Ping K15 irons feature a low and deep CG position to promote higher trajectories.

The K15 irons are a replacement for the Rapture V2 range NOT the G15 range. PING golf run their product lines for 2 years so a replacement for G15 won't be introduced until autumn 2011. best price golf clubs In other words your irons are the latest in the G range and haven't been superseded by the K range that is aimed at the super game improvement market.

Therefore, if you are a golfer who wants to buy good Ping golf, I would like to recommend the Ping irons to you. They are very, very hot. You may try them.
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