Panasonic P2HD HPX600 MXF to Sony Vegas

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Panasonic P2HD HPX600 MXF to Sony Vegas

Postby bbcbird2 » Sat Dec 22, 2012 12:46 pm

Are you planning to get Panasonic new P2HD camcorder AG-HPX600? I like the HD cam very much with its 4:2:2 AVC-Intra recording. It is belong to new series of memory cards called microP2 card ( Awesome! ), which have an SD card form factor to further cost-efficiencies in media pricing. But I was disappointed I couldn’t directly get PX600 AVC-Intra MXF to my Sony Vegas for further editing. I knew Panasonic and Sony are competitors, but I wanted to know is there a way to make HPX600 footages compatible for Vegas Pro?

From Googling, I did not find any way to import HPX600 files to Vegas, since the cam is a new cam. To solve my question, I tried to download and use several P2 MXF plugins to help me bring the file to Vegas, but I failed. As I was about to give it up, a good idea suddenly struck me. I thought I had installed a MXF Converter from . Maybe it would give me a lot of help. As I expected the tool gave me a big help. Thanks for God Bless. The third party software can be worked as an professional MXF to Sony Vegas Converter on my computer, which can transcode the unsorpported AVC-Intra MXF file to a playable video file for transferring and editing with Vegas Pro with original video quality.

Besides this, it still has other advantages. Based on CUDAM or AMD acceleration, it convert MXF at a 5-6X faster speed; And it has no ads with a very attractive price; The most important is that I can freely set the video/audio parameters to get the best quality as I want. If you also like the tool, you can free download and follow the bellow tricks for converting and editing Panasonic HPX600 recorded AVC-Intra MXF file for your Vegas.


1. If you don’t know to use the MXF Converter, the post “Convert Sony P2 MXF to Sony Vegas” will give you the detailed conversion process.

2. To combine several AVC-Intra videos, please select “Merge into one file”.

3. You’d better choose the MPEG-2 as the best output format.


4. Please click “Settings” to freely edit the video/audio settings.


5. If your original file is 1080p, I advice you to edit your video size as 1920*1080, Frame Rate as 30fps to keep the best qaulity.

6. You also can click “Edit” to trim, crop, deinterlace files and add specially good effect to your videos.

I hope the above experience sharing will give all friends a lot of help.
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