OverlayItem ArrayIndexout of bounds

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OverlayItem ArrayIndexout of bounds

Postby vik » Thu Oct 01, 2009 9:07 am

hey guys i want to add more than 300 overlay items through threading n i could not find a way to do that.. means whenever i try to create more than 50 threads (Threads task is to just add overlay item n populate) i get an exception arrayindex out of bounds....

can any1 help me out with this...

my addoverlay method follow
public void addOverlay(OverlayItem overlay, int i )


and thread cotains following code

class showLocationSet implements Runnable
private MapOverlay itemizedOverlay;
private int ctr = 0;
showLocationSet(MapOverlay ItemizedOverlay, int Ctr )
itemizedOverlay = ItemizedOverlay;
ctr = Ctr ;
public void run()

Log.i("itemoverlay" , "" + ctr);
itemizedOverlay.addOverlay(itemizedOverlayArr[ctr], ctr);



this thread is called 50 times ... i wanna call it 300 times thats it ...
bt arrayindex out of bound!!!!!!!!
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