overlay co-ordinates from external XML

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overlay co-ordinates from external XML

Postby iamgeef » Mon Dec 21, 2009 4:24 pm


I'm having some trouble creating overlay icons at certain co-ordinates taken from an external xml file.

So far I have got the app to send GET data to an external web server which processes it and returns the desired xml result displaying this on screen.

I have been able to parse the xml so that I am left with only the co-ordinates and a label.

I have also been able to setup a map that shows an overlay icon of the handsets current location.

However I am struggling to get any/all of the xml co-ordinates to appear as icons on the map.

Would it be easier to store the retrieved xml in an sqlite db on the handset and work with it from there?
Or perhaps save it to an xml file within the resources folder and create an array from the data?

Can anyone assist?


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