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MapView Questions

Postby HS030 » Fri Mar 18, 2011 12:59 pm

Hi guy, I have several questions to some strange behaviors I figured out if I put a mapview into a TabView. The first thing I recognized is, that the containing layout for the map-widget always have to be a relative layout. I never found any explanation, why. It's bothering, but ok.
But my main problem is: Always if I put my MapActivity into the tabwidget, I have following problem: If I want to display a route, the route-overlay is displayed like it should be, but the maptiles are not drawn! This is strange, because on initialization, the map is drawn correct.

If I call the same sourcecode OUTSIDE of the tabs - in an own activity, everything works fine.

I think, this is any rendering problem, like I can't put the MapView in any LinearLayout... but where is the problem???
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