MapActivity and a MapOverlay

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MapActivity and a MapOverlay

Postby G_lex » Fri Jul 22, 2011 8:48 am


actually i'm developing an application for my bachelor thesis.

I want to put a georeferenced Map(as a Overlay), in which you can see in what kind of earthquakezone your are, over my Google Maps map.

My first problem is, that the Overlay doesn't zoom when i zoom in Google Maps.

The second and bigger Problem for me is, that i really don't have a good idea how to put my Overlay nearly exactly over Google Maps.

My last question doesn't have much to do with Overlays, but i really don't want to do "Export Signed Application Package.." after I did a change in my application, so that the API-Key for Google Maps works on my mobile Phone. Is there any method to make the key consistent?

It would be nice, if you could give me some suggestions! Thanks!

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