many of the athletes were measured after the IQ of the concl

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many of the athletes were measured after the IQ of the concl

Postby gall » Thu Apr 04, 2013 3:05 am

The United States of America after the expertscallaway diablo edge irons study found that, in many of the athletes were mecallaway razr x ironsasured after the IQ of the conclusion is the highest IQ and baseball players, golfers the lowest iq!

This rumor let people golf really hit, acallaway x22 irons lot of people firmly believe that this is purely malicious defamation, malicious attack is for golf and golf enthusiasts!

In fact, the results may be more reliable really, but the results did not say golf players are low IQ idiot, just say relative to other athletes, IQ is slightly lower, like it was no big deal, Ben Hogan said, very simple to material golf players: wasteful, simple enough. Look, implication is to practice golf does not need too hcallaway x24 ironsigh iq.

The way to the online stroll a, in the Google input "Golf", "IQ", well, keep on repeating at great length of all the talk was of golf is a high IQ movement. But, really from the sport project characteristic to analysis of words, baseball is a comprehensive ability demanding sports require athltaylormade r11 ironsetes to be in the moment, the comprehensive judgment on the field the situation and make a decision, IQ is not high of course not. While the golf is that you have enough time to analyze the situation in the ball before, so the reaction slightly slower doesn't matter.

Walter Simpson jazz in ttaylormade burner 2.0 ironshe 1887 issue of "the art of Golf (TheArt of Golf)" one book quipped: "too much to play golf to intelligence, needless to say, the more empty, a fool to the third degree, the better to play. Through observation, absolute idiot play the most stable (Excessive golfing dtaylormade r9 ironswarfs the intellect. Nor is this to be wonderedat when we consider that the more fatuously vacant the mind is, the better forplay. It has been observed that the absolute idiots play the steadiest. )".

The German film "handsome boy", remember very clearly -- "fools are always the most blessed" on one line, is actually a Chinese saying, that is "stupid is as stupid does".So foolish blessings come from?

Memories of Hollywood movie "Agam story" in the scene, Agam why to often successful? IQ is low because of low IQ; why can succeed? Because of the low IQ people's mind is simple; why the mind is relatively simple factors of success? Because of simple minds will always focus on one thing. and concentrate on one thing is an essential element of success.

If Agam really involved in the sport of golf, perhaps can swing a lever to make the world, sweep away the millions of enemy troops encounter little resistance, the tiger, the kings and so forth, cut in ma.Playing golf, sometimes it is silly good.Besides, our low IQ children never mind,taylormade rocketballz irons as long as the EQ is high, more research shows that, the factors to determine whether a person is successful, EQ is more important than iq.
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