Make google maps possible to use offline - store maps on sdc

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Make google maps possible to use offline - store maps on sdc

Postby CWineAmateur » Sun Jan 31, 2010 1:37 am


Ususally im in places where there is no 3g coverage(for example while bicycling :] ), so i can't use google maps on my htc magic there. I'm looking for something that will let me change google maps cache size, which I believe is very hard. Currently cache has only 1mb, and allows to store just small fragment of map.

There are some other solutions but google maps is used in several useful apps (for example MyTracks).

Im learning android development just now so im thinking of writing some proxy app that will record downloaded maps tiles into sdcadrd, and later it would be possible to use them again without internet access.
I think all i need to do is to make google maps use instead of google server and write proxy app that will be running on android device.

Do you think its possible?

Or there is another way to do that that I'm not aware of?
Maybe blocking maps app from deleting saved tiles?
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Postby Draffodx » Tue Feb 02, 2010 11:50 am

Should be possible, Nokia currently allow you to download all there map data onto a device for offline use so I cant see why something similiar cant be done with Google maps
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