MaiKeDao's and Martin-before HSBC championship

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MaiKeDao's and Martin-before HSBC championship

Postby gall » Mon May 14, 2012 2:20 pm

MaiKeDao's and Martin-before HSBC championship in kay MEL with some famous, also for circle people familiar with. British open champion Louis-the practice benevolence apparently not. Although he has three times to participate in this game mizuno mp 68, believe that the vast majority of Chinese fans are no impression on his. But this time to come to, estimates that everybody will be the south africans QingYan to one another, after all this year at st Andrews in July it 7 stem victory over to all people left a deep memory.
In addition to the above mentioned these grand slam champion besides, WGC-accenture world championship, Paul than hole, bridgestone invitational championship hunt WGC-and the world-MaHan third lee-diego wood also confirm to attend Shanghai game mizuno mx 200. European tour of issued press releases says, so far the world's top ten players have confirmed seven, the top 30 players has confirmed that 20 people, this is the most powerful of the Asian history squad.
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