Location Provider - Coarse Location Problem

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Location Provider - Coarse Location Problem

Postby LBDev » Fri Jun 26, 2009 1:27 am

The way we are retrieving locations from our Android phones is to 1st get a Coarse Location followed by a Fine Location. This is for the case where the user may be inside a building initially and unable to track satellites. After we get our coarse location we transition to a fine location to track satellites. This method has been working fine for several months. We recently upgraded to 1.5 and our mapping application, and to my recollection continued to work up until 2 days ago.

For the past couple of days we have not been able to get a coarse location and we are receiving a status message in the onStatusChange callback of LocationProvider.TEMPORARILY_UNAVAILABLE. We have re-installed previous versions our code that used 1.1 and we are receiving the same status message of .TEMPORARILY_UNAVAILABLE. Other than the obvious description of the constant, we can find no meaningful information.

We are still able to track positions using FINE_LOCATION.

Has anybody seen this message?
Are my local towers not providing the required data?
Any thoughts?

Using Android G1 phones
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API - Google API (1.5)
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