KML + "to:" tag in the map query

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KML + "to:" tag in the map query

Postby suryakant » Wed Jan 12, 2011 2:22 am


I am facing a bit of problem with getting the route information from Google maps

I use the following url to get the complete route info. The query contains intermediate destination points ... 75.707324&daddr=45.430579,-75.686953+to:45.436207,-75.684726+to:45.434764,-75.683417+to:45.43415,-75.682838+to:45.429996,-75.683098&ie=UTF8&om=0&dirflg=w&output=kml

This gives me back a kml file but the kml file contains route coordinates only till the first destination point and no futher however if i remove the output parameter, the google map draws all the destinations mentioned in the "+to:" clause ... 0&dirflg=w

How to get all the route coordinates in KML including all the intermediate destination points

Thanks surya
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