ItemizedOverlay problem!

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ItemizedOverlay problem!

Postby Jompe71 » Sun Jun 26, 2011 9:01 pm

I need to create an ItemizedOverlay with custom Drawables. Sound like a simple task but as many others I stumble on the Markers not showing up.

So (Goog:ling) and trying out ALL hints about setting the Marker, setting the center bounding etc, still no Markers showing up! :shock:

I debugged the code and when following the example setting the bound as center bottom the bounds where NOT set to the 1/2 of the bitmap width. Since I created the Markers myself in PS I konw they are 32x35 in size but the bounds using retailerMarker.getIntrinsicWidth()/retailerMarker.getIntrinsicHieght() are like 22/35 ?

Well, never the less, Iäm not concerned about skewing ut the half size ratio, but the Marker not showing up att all.
SO, please give me your best tip on what is wrong!

Bottom line is I have done all the populate() in addOverlays(), setBounds() on the marker before passing to the ItemizedOverlay impl and the boundCenterBottom() in the super constructor call... STILL no luck!
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