How to Unlock PDF on Mac?

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How to Unlock PDF on Mac?

Postby 99sanni » Mon May 13, 2013 7:57 am

When you receive PDF files that you can't edit it can be so annoying! Especially if it is an application or a document that needs YOUR editing! If you could just unlock the crazy file, fill out the information and send it back. It would be so much easier than printing the sheet out, finding a pen that works, filling the form out. stuffing it in to your fax machine or scanning it back in and uploading the file to your email! Well, thank God! there is an easier way. Just unlock the file.

1: is a free online PDF password remover. Just choose an encrypted PDF file to upload, wait a few seconds while the owner password is removed, and then download the new decrypted PDF.
Method: is a password remover or cracker tool because the security is removed but no passwords are actually found.
Limits: will decrypt PDF files up to version 1.7 level 8 with 128-bit AES encryption. The maximum PDF file size is 150 MB.

2: PDF Unlocker Mac
PDF Unlocker Mac is a easy-to-use PDF Password Remover Mac tool which can help you unlock and decrypt PDF password protections and remove restrictions on printing, editing and copying directly, and Remove PDF Permission Password on Mac os x 10.5.8.-10.8.3 Mountain Lion.
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