How To Show The Street Name and Place Around It???

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How To Show The Street Name and Place Around It???

Postby Rommy » Tue May 03, 2011 10:58 am

Hello, everyone...
I just want to ask some beginner question...

I want to make app which can show the street name in it. Could you give very simple code so I can start it from the beginning??? And also in this case, I need to turn the GPS so how do I make it so in code???

And besides, if I'm near public place such as school, park, etc, my app will show that I'm near those places, for example if I'm near School A, my app will give a notification such as "You are near School A area". Can anyone here give me some solution??? Should the public place that I said before registered in Google Map?? If I want a new public place on my own, where do I start to make it???

so, any kind of help is appreciated...
thank you so much....
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