how to convert movie on windows?

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how to convert movie on windows?

Postby lindairion » Thu Sep 20, 2012 7:43 am

"How do I "convert" movies to go on to my MP3 player(I have a Creative Zen Mosaic)?
I am putting movies onto my MP3 and when I try to sync it, it says error Windows Media Player could not convert the movies to the needs of the Device, or something like that...Am I doing something wrong? Is there something that I should be doing? Or will it just not work?"

"How do I convert a Video Clip to a Windows Media Audio/Video File? My flip video videos won't edit on windows movie maker. when i try to edit it, it only shows a black screen with only the audio."

"How can I convert videos to iTunes format? How can I convert videos to iTunes format? Is there a free converter or program of some sort? Note: I'm only looking for FREE possibilites."

Mac movie converter is also an excellent DVD movie or video editing tool which can be served as DVD or video cropper, trimmer, merger, splitter, you can also add special like Gram, Emboss or Old film to make your DVD movies or videos more artistic or set the output parameters for video or audio for your specific program requires. Besides, batch mode and snapshot are also supported.

Step 1: Download and run the [url=]Movie Converter for Mac[url]
The program supports both PowerPC Mac and Intel Mac including Snow Leopard.

Step 2: Select the program you need use
click one you wish to use.If you need to rip DVD please choose DVD Ripper to run, or you can use video converter.Note: you can only run one program each time.

Step 3: Add or load video/DVD movies to [url=]movie converter for mac[url]
all different video formats can be imported at the same time. While DVD Ripper can support both DVD and commercial DVD even with copy protection.

Step 4: Video Editing
If you need to merge all the edited files into a whole one, then you just simply check "Merge files into one" on the bottom will be ok.

Step 5: Convert movies or videos.
After all the setting is done, Click convert and wait a few seconds we will get what we want.

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